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Date: Twice a Month

Time: 2:30 to ~3:3o

Classroom: A304 

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HELLO! At Ardrey Kell's Aviation Club we aim to create an interactive and engaging learning experience that serves as a great prerequisite to a field in aviation. Here, you will learn about the physics of flight, how an airplane works, and the aviation industry as a whole. In coordination with our EAA sponsors, we will also offer Young Eagles flights to members, allowing you to get a taste of General Aviation flying. Please check on this website to keep in touch, as it will be updated frequently. 


We know that not everyone has the opportunity needed to dabble with the prospects of a future involving aviation. At AK Aviation, we've set out to change that. We want everyone at Ardrey Kell and in CMS to be awarded the opportunity to learn more about the giant field that is aerospace. We will be using simulators, classroom, and first hand training to immerse you in aviation, and let you do what you want for your learning. Meaning that we will cater to you individually in order to craft an experience relevant to yourself and one as entertaining as possible. We hope that you consider coming in and checking us out! Thank you.

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Prepare for takeoff! AK Aviation aims to provide opportunity for those aspiring to work in aeronautics and show that a career in aviation is never out of reach. In resources, you'll find the information you need to jumpstart your search for the right school, and find scholarships that can make your dreams reality.

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